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The eBOARD Evaluation Module 

The Evaluation module of eBOARD is part of an integrated suite of web-based tools designed to support excellence in education governance.  This module allows you to enhance, align and streamline governance and leadership evaluations and assessments such as school board standards, board self assessments, superintendent evaluations and district accreditation.

The Problem

Unfortunately, leader evaluations are often ineffective.  Yet, in this era of accountability and high expectations, effective leader evaluations are essential for continuous improvement and achieving excellence.
It may be that the instrument itself is not clear or well-defined, the process might not be conducive for proper input and feedback, the evidence of performance might not be provided or is too cumbersome to distribute or sort through, or the tabulation of results is too time consuming.  Whatever the cause, the end result often leads to the process being more compliance based than improvement based.
At the end of the day, effective evaluations clearly define expectations, are properly communicated, provide opportunity for input and feedback, have evidence to support findings, celebrate successes, and result in action plans for continued improvement.

The Solution
Leverage technology to make it easier, relevant, and timely!  eBOARD’s Evaluation Module is designed to do just that.  By providing a framework to create the instrument, align evidence, automate the tabulationprocess, and build action plans for improvement, leader evaluations can be something you look forward to instead of dreading.
Select from one of eBOARD’s pre-defined templates or design your own.  eBOARD includes templates for…

  • Board Self-Assessments
  • Superintendent Evaluations
  • Governance Team Self-Assessments
  • District and School Accreditation

Once you have created your instrument, simply upload or link your evidence, launch it to users to complete electronically, and let eBOARD tabulate the results for you, leaving you more time to focus on the review process where you can celebrate successes and create action plans for improvement.

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 Testimonials about the Evaluation Module

"eBOARD Evaluation Module is a great tool to assist in reviewing how we, as leaders, are doing to ensure an exceptional education for our students.  Whether it is district accreditation, Board self-assessment, or my own superintendent evaluation, eBOARD provides an online tool that supports the alignment, documentation of evidence and assessment of our work."

- Dr. Wanda Creel, Superintendent

Barrow County Schools




"eBOARD's Evaluation Module provides a space to efficiently prepare for accreditation reviews. The resources we had ready for our visiting team were far richer than five years ago due to eBOARD. And on the practical side, no crates full of paper!"

– Dr. Thomas Van Soelen, Associate Superintendent
City Schools of Decatur




“We are thrilled to be able to use the new eBOARD Evaluation Module to assist school systems in Georgia in streamlining and aligning their assessments and evaluations such as their Board Standards, Board Self -Assessment and Superintendent Evaluation.  It's also a great tool for systems that are going through district-wide accreditation. 

Having built-in templates, along with the ability to provide supporting evidence, eBOARD's Evaluation Module streamlines and enhances the process.  It will take accountability to a whole new level!" 


– Tony Arasi, Director of Professional Development
Georgia School Boards Association

Evaluation Module Features 

  • Completely web-based
  • Proven easy-to-use and customizable templates
  • Support of rubric-based evaluations
  • All items in the evaluation/assessment can be linked to system goals within the Strategic Plan Module
  • All items in the evaluation/assessment can be linked to system board policies within the Policy Module
  • Variety of scoring/scaling such as Meets, Exceeds
  • Automatic collating of responses
  • 360 degree evaluation option
  • Respondents given time to think and respond at home or during a time period
  • Built-in support of evidence...can be attached to each criteria/item
  • Built-in reports to review results

Evaluation Module Benefits

eBOARD’s Evaluation Module allows you to enhance, align and streamline governance and leadership evaluations and assessments.  It also:

  • Supports continuous improvement model in sustaining excellence
  • Saves money.  No need to print evaluation instruments and supporting documentation
  • Alignment of items to Goals.  Keeps the evaluations focused on system’s Strategic Goals
  • Easier to respond.  Since the instrument is web-based, the respondents can take the time to reflect on each area/topic and consider the responses before submitting
  • Saves administrative time.  Easy to collate responses and generate reports.  No more manual tabulation of results

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