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eBOARD • Integrated Governance Tool

 Policy Module

Provides everyone access to the most current policies!

Board policies serve as the framework and direction for managing the organization. eBOARD’s online policy system keeps all stakeholders aware and informed of current policies, regulations and exhibits. The eBOARD Policy Module makes managing your policies easier than ever. No more outdated policy manual binders! 

eBOARD’s Policy Module makes managing your policies, regulations and exhibits easier than ever by:

  • Providing everyone access to the most current policies, regulations and exhibits
  • Eliminating the hassle of maintaining multiple hard-copies of manuals
  • Allowing for public input on draft policies
  • Making policies easier to find for stakeholders through advanced search options




Policy Module Overview Video

eBOARD Policy Module Overview

Sandy Vanags of eBOARDsolutions explains how eBOARD's Policy Module allows school districts to manage policies, regulations and exhibits online (and paperless) while providing an integrated way for true alignment between board policy, meeting agendas, strategic plans and even evaluations.


Testimonial about the eBOARD Policy Module

"The convenience of the policy module has no doubt increased our community’s and staff members’ knowledge of our system’s policies. eBOARD’s user-friendly format makes researching education policies simple and efficient." 

– Christopher B. Erwin, Superintendent
Banks County Schools, Georgia

Policy Module Features

With eBOARD’s Policy Module, your organization will ensure that everyone has access to the latest policies, administrative regulations and exhibits.

      Key features of the eBOARD Policy Module include: 

  • Policy Management – eBOARD’s Policy Work-In-Progress provides for easy management of all of your board policies, administrative regulations and exhibits.
  • Legal References – Policies can be linked directly to related legal references.
  • Public Comment – Post draft policies for public review and comment prior to adoption.
  • Filter – Filter view of policies, regulations or exhibits.
  • Revision Date – Easily sort policies by last revised date to identify policies that may not have been reviewed in a long time.
  • History – Maintain a history of prior versions of policies.
  • Print Capabilities – Print individual policies or entire policy sections as well as printing to PDF files.
  • Search – With eBOARD’s advanced search features you can not only find policies fast but can also search other related organizations’ policy manuals. 



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