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eBOARD • Integrated Governance Tool

Imagine your entire team, all operating on the same page, with a clear understanding of the expectations necessary to prepare your students for college, career, and life.

eBOARD is more than just a piece of governance software; it is the only system in the marketplace to centralize, communicate, and align strategic and operational plans, leader evaluations, board policies, administrative regulations, meeting agendas and other important communications and documents.

While each of the eBOARD modules is powerful on its own, together our superhero team of award-winning software tools can help your organization demonstrate accountability and achieve organizational excellence!

Our uniquely integrated suite of cloud-based tools will reinforce effective governance and continuous improvement in organizations by aligning the work of the board and system with its strategic plans, policies, meeting agendas, assessments and evaluations.


Since eBOARD is a modular based system, you are able to choose the modules that meet your needs today, while maintaining the flexibility to grow with the system in the future.

      eBOARD Modules include: 

Strategic Plan – Monitor, track, manage and report on the organization’s strategic plan to all stakeholders

Evaluation – Enhance, align and streamline governance and leadership evaluations and assessments.

Meetings - Streamline agenda preparation and enhance the effectiveness of all meetings (not just board meetings)

Policy – Publish policies, regulations and exhibits for easy access by all stakeholders

Communications– Improve communications with all stakeholders

Documents – Build an online library for easy access to important documents


eBOARD Overview Video



"What I love about eBOARD is how all of the modules interconnect, align and streamline the work of our governance and leadership team—there is no other product like it.    Our school system is able to leverage technology in such a way that we are all focused on our strategic goal of improving student achievement while providing transparency and accountability to our stakeholders.”

- Scott Cowart,
Superintendent,  Carroll County Schools



eBOARD helps leaders effectively manage their organization by: 

  • Providing a single source for access to pertinent data for effective decision-making
  • Stakeholders can easily find information through advanced search capabilities
  • Saving time and money by streamlining workflow and eliminating paper dependency
  • Enhancing communications with all stakeholders


Ease of Use

  • Single user login to all modules
  • Exclusive integrated video-rich HELP system
  • Accessible from any computer with a web-browser and Internet connection. Easy to use by board members, staff and others with simple point and click access to all data.
  • Data administration is all done through a web browser. No technical skills required.
  • No technical management required – server hosting, software support and maintenance are all done by eBOARDsolutions

Technical Requirements

eBOARD is supported on the following browsers :



Windows® Internet  Explorer® versions  7+

Internet Explorer 7 is supported but is not recommended due to the speed of the browser.

Mozilla® Firefox® version 3.6+ (MacOS & PC)


Apple® Safari® version 5.0+ (MacOS & PC)


Apple® Safari® version 5.0+ iOS  (iPad)


Google® Chrome™ version 9.0+


Other browsers may work but are not officially supported or recommended



Important Notes

  • For all browsers you must enable JavaScript, Cookies, and SSL 3.0. 
  • Minimum screen resolution should be 1024 x 768 for the best possible user experience.
  • Import/Export of Performance Measures in Strategic Plan requires Office 2007+


Notes for Chrome browser:

  • While printing the meeting packet it does not paginate properly on Chrome browser.


Notes for on Safari on the iPad:

  • Upload feature is not supported. 
  • Policy Editor is not supported




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